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Woe is Blanche Lincoln



The New York Times parachutes into darkest Arkansas to assess Sen. Blanche Lincoln's troubled standing. The anecdotal lead finds troubles even among ladies who lunch with her mama.

HELENA, Ark. — When the subject of Senator Blanche Lincoln came up at a women’s luncheon last week at the historic Pillow-Thompson House in this Mississippi River town, there was an awkward pause in the chatter.

“We’ve known Blanche all her life, and we love her,” one woman explained delicately while Mrs. Lincoln’s mother, a town fixture beloved for her pimento cheese sandwiches and homemade cookies, ate at a nearby table. “We just don’t think she’s been making very good decisions lately.”

Ouch. It gets worse with quotes, by name, from a farmer and a hunting buddy of her daddy's who aren't planning to vote for Lincoln.

Republican politico Bill Vickery is quoted as saying that survival of the primary could help Lincoln in the fall and I think that's probably true. Particularly if the lacklustre Dr. No Boozman awaits.

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