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Mediation ordered in school suit


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A report from Doug Smith on the lawsuit by the Pulaski Association of Classroom Teachers against the Pulaski County School Board for voting to end recognition of PACT as a bargaining agent for teachers:

Circuit Judge Timothy Fox on Monday ordered the Pulaski County School Board and the Pulaski Association of Classroom Teachers to try to mediate their differences while he deliberates on a lawsuit over whether there’s still a contract between the board and the teachers union. The board voted in December to stop recognizing PACT as the bargaining agent for teachers. PACT said the board had no authority for such a decision, and that the existing contract was still in effect.

At the end of a hearing Monday, Fox said he wouldn’t make a decision in the case until he was convinced that both sides had mediated in good faith. He said he’d appoint a mediator if the two sides couldn’t agree on one. He told the parties to report back in two weeks.


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