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Concealed weapon laws are no longer enough for the gun zealots. Open carry is the new rage (and I do mean rage) and the threats of angry gun packers have spooked, among others, Starbucks, into not adopting the law-allowed private property rules against guns on premises.

Is the movement to make every Main Street look like an episode of "Gunsmoke" a good or bad thing for the pro-gun crowd? On that question, opinion is mixed.

Robert Weisberg, a gun law expert and a criminal justice professor at Stanford University, described the open-carry activists as “a liability” for the N.R.A., in particular.

While the N.R.A. is almost always going to support the increased deregulation of guns, Professor Weisberg said, the organization keeps its distance from open-carry advocacy because it does not want to distract attention from its higher priority of promoting the right to carry concealed weapons.

“Add to this that the N.R.A. is a very disciplined, on-message organization,” he said, contrasting the N.R.A.’s approach with the free-wheeling nature of some open-carry advocates.

Asked to comment on the open-carry movement, Andrew Arulanandam, a spokesman for the N.R.A., said the organization “supports the right of law abiding people to exercise their self-defense rights in accordance with state local and federal law.” He declined to comment further.

A gun bridge the NRA will not cross? Surprising.

PS -- Of course the overheated pistol packers are at work in Arkansas.


Arkansas Carry, a grass-roots gun rights group, will be hosting an “empty holster” hike on Saturday, March 13th at Petit Jean State Park.   This hike will be a protest of the Arkansas ban on the open carry of handguns for self-defense and will also include a trash pickup on the trail.


The hike will begin at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, March 13, 2010 at the trail head of Seven Hollows trail.  All hikers are encouraged to wear empty holsters as a sign of protest against Arkansas’s handgun laws; however, holsters will not be required.  Trash bags may be picked up at the trail head to allow hikers to pick up trash along the trail.  State political candidates and current office-holders are also invited to participate.


Arkansas Carry is working with all state legislative candidates to change current restrictive firearm laws dealing with open carry, concealed carry and other laws impairing self-defense.


For additional information please visit , contact Steve Jones at or call (479) 629-8937.

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