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TV coverage last night of Karl Rove's new book naturally led me to thinking about his former employee, Tim Griffin, now running as a Republican for 2nd District Congress.

Rove's book puts a disingenuous and dishonest gloss on a very bad administration. Even then, it's not exactly something to be proud of. Yes, Katrina was a disaster. No, we probably wouldn't have entered a war that cost an unconscionable toll in lives and resources had we known there were no WMD (available evidence indicated from the start that there were not). Tim once loved him some Karl Rove. The memorable suckup e-mail when he told Rove he might name his newborn for him comes to mind.

It is now a new day. Obama may not be popular in the 2nd District, but neither is George W. Bush nor Karl Rove. So now Griffin is distancing himself from Rove. From the Arkansas Leader:

Is your connection to Karl Rove a positive or a negative?

I am a fifth-generation Arkansan, and my own person with my own views and values. The truth is I worked for the president at the White House for six months when Rove was deputy chief of staff.

I am very proud to have had the opportunity to work for a president, and I will tell any preacher’s kid from Magnolia, if you get the opportunity to work for a president, I don’t care who the president is, you go do it. And to say otherwise is silly.

Will Rove visit Arkansas to help your campaign?


You can run, but you can't hide from this kind of record.

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