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How to save newspapers



With TV, maybe? Says here that NY Times is getting ready to start a daily newscast on its website. Makes perfect sense. That 21st century media obsession -- monetizing -- will remain a hard nut to crack, I'd guess.

Someday, when cheap, handy, newspaper-formatted digital readers replace expensive printing presses and delivery trucks, all will be well again, right? Well, except that classifieds are never coming back.

I got a Kindle for Christmas specifically as a way to receive a full U.S. newspaper while traveling in a reliable and timely way. It looks like it's going to work like a charm. The display of stories from the NY Times isn't as graphically advanced as the iPad, for example. And there's no color. But the words are all there, easily accessible and organized by section, with a listing of headlines for each section. The Sunday paper -- hours of reading -- cost pennies and downloads in a flash, either instantly by the wireless connection (free in U.S.; $1.95 abroad) or, if wireless is not available, to an Amazon account for easy transfer to the Kindle from computer. I'm tickled with it. Newspaper junkies abroad have been forced to scrounge for expensive, skinny International Herald Tribunes -- generally long after most of the scant news featured in the paper has become very stale.

Plus, I can now carry a steamer trunk full of books in one slim little package.

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