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Tussling in the 3rd


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So many candidates, so little space.

Steve Womack, Rogers mayorissimo, one of the Republican candidates for 3rd District, yesterday issued a news release that consisted mostly of shopworn and ineffective ideas to make it sound like he was for better health care, when he isn't (if it costs anything).

Give credit to Gunner DeLay of Fort Smith for calling Womack's hand on the notion of everybody building "wellness centers" like Rogers has. What a government pork boondoggle that would be, DeLay says.


Rogers Mayor and Republican Congressional candidate Steve Womack today called on President Obama to abandon his current healthcare plan and restart the process with meaningful input from Republican leaders.

"President Obama's decision to press forward with his fundamentally flawed healthcare bill, in the face of overwhelming opposition by the American people, shows just how out of touch Washington has become. President Obama’s plan for more taxes and more government control is precisely the opposite of what our country needs right now." Womack said.

Mayor Womack said he supports affordable and accessible healthcare for all through market based solutions that promote competition. "Putting politicians and bureaucrats in charge of healthcare through government takeovers will only make things worse," Womack said.

Instead, Mayor Womack favors measures like allowing people to buy health insurance across state lines, increasing choices and lowering costs. He also supports medical liability reforms, easing the burdens on physicians and lowering costs.

Mayor Womack said his belief that every American should have access to healthy lifestyle choices, recreational opportunities and affordable care is exemplified by the Adult Wellness Center in Rogers. A nationally renowned senior wellness center, the Adult Wellness Center reflects Mayor Womack’s vision for the appropriate role government investment can play in the physical and social well being of a community and its population groups.

In Congress, Mayor Womack pledged to work to establish a national program to partner with local communities for the construction of regional wellness centers, like the one in Rogers, so that more Arkansans can enjoy the life changing benefits of Adult Wellness Centers.


Today, 3rd District Congressional candidate, Gunner DeLay (R-Fort Smith) sharply criticized one of his opponents for proposing a “billion dollar boondoggle” in response to the nation’s healthcare issue.  Yesterday, Rogers Mayor, Steve Womack, put out a press release stating that he believes “every American should have access to ….recreational opportunities…”  Womack added his “pledge to establish a national program to partner with local government for the construction of regional wellness centers, like the one in Rogers.” 

DeLay said “if Womack followed through on his proposal it would cost taxpayers billions of dollars.  If he is seriously believes that every American should have access to these kinds of regional work-out facilities he will have to substantially increase spending by both federal and local governments.”  

DeLay also estimated that with a U.S. population exceeding 300 million, Womack’s proposal would require the construction of tens of thousands of these types of centers.   “Everyone I have talked to is concerned with out of control spending in Washington and this is just more of the same.  This plan is right out of the Obama, Reid, and Pelosi playbook.” 

 DeLay explained that Womack’s proposal is a bad idea for three reasons.  First, it is not the role of the federal government to build fitness centers and compete with private businesses.  Second, the proposal would cost taxpayers billions of dollars.  Third, it would create an unfunded mandate for local governments.  “They would not only have to come up with construction costs, they would also have to fund operational costs as well,” DeLay explained.   

 DeLay further commented, “that every American already has access to recreational opportunities by virtue of state and local parks, malls, and the open road.”  He further pointed out that most communities have access to high school tracks, which completely negates the need for this kind of wasteful government spending.


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