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'One tough lady' UPDATE



Blanche Lincoln at last hits TV. A little humor. And she's agin' everything. You'd think she was a teabagger.

Gotta love her running against Wall Street. The senator, a Finance Committee member, has been seen in the halls of New York investment firms with her hand out for campaign cash. Credit card companies are still in debt to her for her work to screw the little guy in bankruptcy "reform." Yes, when it comes to health care for poor folks, relief from rapacious lenders, pleas for cleaner air and a measure of fairness for a working man or woman seeking to organize, Sen. Lincoln is one tough lady. But if you really want to see her fight, try to pass estate tax legislation that doesn't contain a multi-billion-dollar tax break for the Walton family.

PS -- Re Lincoln putting Arkansas first and putting down support for Bill Halter from outside of the state. 60 percent of her money comes from outside Arkansas.

UPDATE: The Bill Halter campaign takes note that the ad misstates Lincoln's voting record. And her campaign fires back.


This morning Senator Blanche Lincoln released her first television ad featuring some cute kids but touting some incorrect information. Sen. Lincoln claims she “voted against giving money to Wall Street.” In fact Senator Lincoln voted to fund a massive, no-strings-attached bail out for Wall Street on October 1, 2008 when she voted for H.R. 1424, the Troubled Asset Relief Fund, also know as TARP.

“Senator Lincoln has received over a million dollars from the exact special interests she claims to be saying no to.  Taking their money and claiming to fight for average Arkansans just doesn’t wash[. That is not how Lieutenant Governor Halter does business,” said Halter spokesperson Bud Jackson.
“The Wall Street bailout Lincoln voted for provided billions of dollars to Wall Street with next to no accountability and did very little to help Main Street or the average Arkansas taxpayer,” said Jackson. “Voters can count on Bill Halter to always put Main Street before Wall Street. He won’t need multiple chances to get his vote right.”
“The kids are cute. It’s a shame she’s using them to hide her record,” Jackson added. “The good news is, if those kids are actually from Arkansas they can now qualify for a $5,000 scholarship because of Lieutenant Governor Halter’s work with the legislature to pass the Scholarship Lottery.”
Lieutenant Governor Halter is widely known for taking on insiders and special interests to champion Arkansas’s scholarship lottery, which will help more than 28,000 Arkansans pay for college this year alone.  As a leader of the Social Security Administration, Halter helped fight off Republican and Wall Street schemes to privatize Social Security.  He also served in President Clinton’s budget office where he helped balance the federal budget for the first time in 40 years. 


Bill Halter Should Get His Facts Straight

Little Rock - Bill Halter is complaining about Senator Blanche Lincoln's TV ad but it is him who needs to get his facts straight. 
"Bill's campaign is almost entirely funded by out-of-state groups so it's no surprise that his Virginia-based consultant with a Massachusetts phone number sends out a misleading press release about Senator Lincoln," Lincoln campaign manager Steve Patterson said. 
"Senator Lincoln has a voting record that is open to inspection so there is nothing to hide here.  After much of the first half of TARP bailout funds were used for executive bonuses and the program failed to provide relief to families and small businesses, she said no to the second half of the bailout.  She clearly voted against giving more money to Wall Street. 
"If we want to talk about misleading advertising, we might look at Bill's first ad.  It puts a football in his hands and highlights his humble roots when in fact, he's a multimillionaire who somehow talked labor unions into paying off a half million dollar campaign debt to himself with the union dues of their members so he can run for higher office."
Multi-millionaire Halter gets campaign debt paid off by SEIU.
Ø  The union has been involved with Halter recently, that relationship did not include authorizing paying for the website to be built. In recent months, SEIU has repaid Halter's outstanding campaign debt and has said Halter has a "bright political future."
Ø  In January 2010, "the labor union group SEIU paid down Halter's existing campaign debt from 2006, which was around $445,000 at the most recent filing." [Arkansas News, 1/3/2010]
Ø  Talkbusiness.net notes: "Make no mistake, he could easily self-fund.  According to his latest statement of financial interest, Halter has more than 20 investment funds, business income generators, and holdings each worth more than $12,500, the highest amount public officials have to disclose. He's wealthy." [Talkbusiness.net, 2/20/2010]
Ø  Halter "did receive money from out-of-state unions, a highly publicized effort coordinated from a meeting in Washington, D.C. late last year." [Talkbusiness.net, 2/19/2010]

Script: Lincoln ad, "What It's Like"
I'm Blanche Lincoln and I want to show you what it's like in Washington these days.
And your tax dollars?
This is why I voted against giving more money to Wall Street, against the auto company bailout, against the public option health care plan, and against the cap and trade bill that would have raised energy costs on Arkansans.
None of those were right for Arkansas.  Some in my party didn't like it very much.  But I approved this message because I don't answer to my party. 
I answer to Arkansas.
Title: A joint resolution relating to the disapproval of obligations under the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008.  Vote record: http://www.senate.gov/legislative/LIS/roll_call_lists/roll_call_vote_cfm.cfm?congress=111&session=1&vote=00005


Like their ad, the Lincoln Campaign's news release is misleading and incorrect. There are too many incorrect or misleading assertions to address.  But concerning their ad:
The senator is misleading Arkansans by qualifying her ad by using the word "more".  It's a deliberate attempt to mislead and misdirect people from the fact that she voted for a massive taxpayer-funded bailout that had no strings attached.  Arkansans deserve the whole truth and she's giving them smoke and mirrors.

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