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Arkansas goes national



John Brummett describes how Halter v. Lincoln is a nationalized contest, a fact that will create burdens for both candidates. And a ton of political sport for spectators.

Lincoln wants to say that Halter is a pawn of “outside extreme groups” and describe herself as “the rope in the tug-of-war” between both extremes, meaning those on the Democratic left and those on the Republican right. She wants to say the extremes oppose her because she cares only about Arkansas, not anyone else’s agenda.

Halter will try to say that his money comes from regular people only so happening to be mobilized by rich out-of-state forces. He will say that, while he’s collected money in small increments from regular people, Lincoln has taken maximum contributions from special business interests such as insurance companies and polluters that compel her to vote against Arkansas working families on health, labor, environmental and tax issues.

I wrote about the race this week, too. I see some flaws in the narratives of both candidates.

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