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AFL-CIO endorses Halter, Elliott



Least surprising news of the day is Arkansas labor's nod to Bill Halter for Senate and Joyce Elliott, an old union hand herself, for 2nd District Congress.

I'm interested that the Republican campaign machinery is touting this item as bad news for Robbie Wills, indicating they view him as the strongest candidate for the 2nd District Democratic nomination. Had Wills gotten the labor endorsement, an instant GOP news release would have followed calling Wills a tool of the labor goons. That's how these sleazeballs roll. As most know, a union endorsement means some money and organizational help, but labor's numbers in Arkansas are small and getting smaller.

Halter said he's proud to have labor's endorsement and notes the AFL-CIO helped him in the lottery campaign.

Lincoln will tar him with labor bashing, a venerable tactic in Arkansas. She'll have plenty to answer for given the bundles of special interest money she's raked in. And Halter will have the money, now $5 million, to bring it to her.


Arkansas AFL-CIO Endorsement Recommendations
After a lengthy discussion about Senator Lincoln’s position on Healthcare, the appointment of Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board, the Employee Free Choice Act, and trade issues, the Arkansas AFL-CIO Executive Board voted to support Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter for his candidacy in the Democratic Primary for the United States Senate.  We believe that Bill Halter will listen to Arkansas’ working families and support their issues in Washington as he has done as Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas.
Also, a recommendation for endorsement has been made for Senator Joyce Elliott for United States Congress District 2.  The board believes she will be a candidate that will listen to working families in Arkansas and their needs as she has in the State House and State Senate.

Alan B. Hughes


Arkansas AFL-CIO

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