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Now is the time for all good people to head to the Oyster Bar on Markham and drink to the opening of the Fifth Season -- the Election Season. Stacy Sells sends us a heads-up that the political confab starts at 6 p.m. and a gumbo of Repubs and Dems (and non-teetotaling teapartiers maybe) will be there. Head on down.

UPDATE: I think this event is actually Monday, March 8, after the filing period has concluded and the races are set.

CORRECTION: Max here on Tuesday, March 2. Too many editors spoiled this broth. We got a phone call about an event Monday night, March 1. That was correct. A subsequent e-mail, which I saw, said it was March 8, a typo. I corrected our item here, making it wrong. Party's over. There will be other parties. Sorry about all the confusion.


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