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Beebe vetoes


Gov. Mike Beebe has vetoed SB 130, which proposed to tap the state central services fund for $1.6 million to pay for reapportionment costs. The legislature put the cost there to preserve pork barrel cash for its own use. Of course, the veto doesn't stop the pork barreling.


LITTLE ROCK – Governor Beebe vetoed Senate Bill 130 on Monday.  The bill would have taken $1.6 million from the Central Services Fund to pay for redistricting costs.  The letter accompanying the veto reads as follows:
Dear Mr. President Pro Tempore and Members of the Senate:
In accordance with Article 6, Section 15 of the Arkansas Constitution, I write to notify you that today I vetoed Senate Bill SB130. I write further to explain the reason for my action.
There was much discussion before and during this first fiscal session about setting precedents. I believe that we cannot, in good conscience, set a precedent of taking funding from a tenuous source, such as the State Central Services Fund, in order to protect local projects.
As you know, the State Central Services Fund supports the core functions of our government, and if it falls short of funding, the needed money is drawn from the rest of our revenue, essentially creating an automatic budget cut for other state services.
I believe that putting the State in such a position is inconsistent with the spirit of fiscal responsibility that typically places Arkansas in such good stead as compared to most of our sister states.
My office is working with the Secretary of State's office to determine what, if anything, can be done this year regarding the Board of Apportionment.
Mike Beebe

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