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Perplexing Pulaski School District



In its entirety, a news release from a Pulaski County School Board member this afternoon. You can see the holes:

"The board of education of the Pulaski County School District is pleased to report that Acting Superintendent Rob McGill has been cleared of allegations that he made racially motivated statements several weeks ago. The investigation, requested by Mr. McGill, was conducted by an outside agency, a private attorney’s office hired by the board with no connection to the school district. We look forward to putting this situation behind us and moving forward as we work to make our District the best it can be."

Charlie Wood
(Tim Clark, president of the PCSSD School District, is out of town through this weekend)

This is, of course, the Wood-Clark faction taking control of the de facto selection of McGill as next superintendent. Some other Board members aren't so enamored of the idea. Here's one story with a hint of the district's strife relative to McGill and racial  tensions.

I believe it's safe to predict the future doesn't hold a united School Board. But, what's new?

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