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Some Republicans are shaking their head at Jim Keet's  decision to run for governor and many kind words about Beebe in the process of semi-announcing.

1) They don't think Keet can win.

2) They think he could have won a race for lt. gov., which he'd initially suggested interest in.(Today's thinking is that Bill Halter will run for Senate and thus leave the office open.)

3) Keet is strong enough that Beebe will have to take him seriously and energize a campaign organization to turn out the vote.

4) A Beebe organizational push will be good for other Democrats -- and bad for Republicans -- up and down the ballot. It might lift Blanche Lincoln, for example. It could also help in the Second Congressional District, or so goes the thinking of a Republican who'd like to see Tim Griffin elected in the 2nd.

So I guess I should say, "Run, Jim, run." After all, a number of political consultants for Republican candidates have supported Beebe with cash contributions. Maybe they can all unite under the logo above.

PS -- Keet promises a non-hateful campaign with an emphasis on cutting taxes and eliminating government waste.

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