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Ginger Shiras of the Harrison Daily Times had an interesting lead on a big murder trial developing in her neck of the woods:

EUREKA SPRINGS — A reporter who stepped into the judge’s chambers with a question here Wednesday found Circuit Judge Kent Crow wearing a handgun.

The judge, a combat infantryman in Vietnam, said he always wore it and knew how to use it. He said he was classified as expert action pistol shooter who had shot in national competitions.

He said on the bench he could reach his gun through a slit in his robe.

He said judges who had been shot had recommended to judges at the National Judicial College that they arm themselves and he wore his gun for “personal protection.”

A specific Arkansas law allows judges to carry firearms in the courthouse, he said, and he knew others did but he didn’t know how many.

He said he had a concealed gun permit.

Is your judge armed?

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