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Where the rubber meets the road



There's been a lot of talk these past few weeks about the federal stimulus plan, particularly about how its detractors, including GOPers like Rep. John Boozman who decry the wasteful spending one minute and show up to ribbon cuttings for projects funded by stimulus dollars the next. Today, in a conference call put together by the Democratic Party, Sen. Randy Laverty and North Little Rock mayor Patrick Hays talked a little bit about how those stimulus dollars are affecting the state's economy. In North Little Rock, for example, stimulus funds are being used to hire police officers, construct a fire station, make improvements to schools and launch health care programs.

Laverty said funds from the recovery act will help people in his district get clean drinking water. "I know some people are frustrated," Laverty said. "But I can see what the reinvestment act is doing for jobs in our area. I don’t agree with some of the particulars but I would hate to see what the state of affairs would be if we were not putting these dollars into the economy. I think a lot of people don’t understand it. I had a conversation with a guy last night who's in the construction business and he understood it. I think county judges understand it. I'm not an economist but out here, where the rubber meets the road, we've got people going to work."

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