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Were you invited?



Scott Wallace, Republican candidate for 2nd District Congress, sends around an invite to a fund-raiser by opponent Tim Griffin tonight.

"Were you invited?" he asks. Of course you weren't. Not to a John Boehner-Eric Cantor-etc. lobbyfest at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington -- tariff $1,000 per PAC and $500 per individual. "Let's end this type of insider politics," Wallace writes.

And the Republican Party, whose officials are sponsoring this slimy lobbyist cattle call in the middle of special interest land, has the nerve to jump on Robbie Wills for arranging to raise a little money from local folks at Cajun's next week. (OK, OK. Democrats from Arkansas, notably Mike Ross and Blanche Lincoln, are notorious for these greasy lobbyist put sessions, too. We have a story coming on just that subject.)

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