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Shameless self-promotion



A quick review of my usual stops leaves me mostly, for a change, speechless.

So it might be a good time to toot our own horn.

The Times uses Urchin, a Google analytical website, to track visitors to our webpages. The news is good. 2009 saw a huge surge in readership, as measured by "unique visitors" to our webpages.

In January, Urchin counted 185,000 unique visitors to Times pages, the biggest number for the Arkansas Blog, but increasing numbers, too, on Rock Candy and Eat Arkansas. (Eat Arkansas, by the way, currently leads with an item that has drawn some comments on restaurant reviewing and barbecue sauce.) It looks like we'll match or top 185,000 visitors in February. This compares with about 100,000 unique visitors in the same months a year ago.

Thanks to all for coming.

I've mentioned before and will mention again that we have some important upgrades coming in our webpages -- sooner rather than later, I hope. So stay tuned.


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