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The Republican Party of Arkansas rips House Speaker Robbie Wills for arranging a fund-raiser while the legislature is in session, though he is not actually accepting campaign contributions during that time, which a House rule prohibits. It is a fair point of sorts, though diminished somewhat by the gaggle of Republican state senators (Hendren, Baker, Bledsoe), unbound by rule because the Senate favors loose ethics, who are busily raising campaign cash right this minute for various federal offices. Nonetheless, the statement:

Speaker Robbie Wills made a public promise before the fiscal session to not raise campaign funds citing a ‘personal desire to lead by example.’ Speaker Wills has now been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Whether or not you grab the cookie, your intentions are clear. Planning a fundraiser and securing sponsors and participants is the equivalent of raising funds.  We see double-talk from our Democrat congressional delegation every day. Our representatives say one thing in Arkansas, then go vote differently when they get to Washington. Since Speaker Wills pledged to hold himself to a higher standard, he should stop his double-talk and focus on his responsibilities to Arkansas. Arkansans cannot afford to be represented by someone whose word means nothing.

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