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Breaking the color line: Stepping



One of the blog's far-flung cultural correspondents reports this news:

A team from Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority at the University of Arkansas has won the Sprite Step-off, a national dance competition that apparently had never been won by a white group. The victory was worth $100,000.

Stepping, which is deeply rooted in the tradition of historically Black Fraternities, has moved into the mainstream. At the Sprite Step Off, a traditionally white sorority with all white members, Zeta Tau Alpha won the $100,000 prize. Bossip was in the audience and they agreed that Zeta Tau Alpha “brought it.”

This can be considered of another example of how Black culture becomes mainstream and becomes appropriated by Caucasian people and becomes a greater part of American culture as a whole.

The link, to the site News One for Black America, has some spirited commentary from readers if you keep scrolling down to the bottom of the link. All are not happy about the racial breakthrough.

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