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About grade inflation



A blog that's the work of adherents of the education "reformers" at Walton U. offers a different take on grade inflation -- inspired by what they report to be rampant grade inflation problems in Georgia on account of its lottery-funded college scholarships. Make requirements harder for everybody -- a 2.5 gradepoint, a 19 ACT and passage of end of course exams -- no matter the high school. They think that this could discourage grade inflation and discourage students from opting for less-challenging courses in pursuit of high grades. Also produce higher scholarship awards for fewer students, I'd guess.

(This is a good opportunity to mention the Walton U. reformer who spoke in town this week about the evils of political correctness in higher education. If, by political correctness, he means a dogmatic adherence to rigid ideology -- whether about human rights or operation of public schools -- he might have a point.)

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