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I'm reminded of a great piece on NPR today about climate change skepticism by a tweet from Fox 16 meteorologist Jeff Baskin.

@JeffBaskinFOX16: So called "evidence" of made made global warming. Cool images though. http://bit.ly/aqjZCp

If there was any other group of people that I would hope had a handle on climate change - other than climatologists - it would be meteorologists.  Maybe I'm wrong.  Also, Baskin uses quotations around the word "evidence" as if the linked NASA images aren't anything more than pretty pictures of heat waves, melting permafrost and dried-up lakes.  Evidence doesn't mean "proof," so they are evidence of something. It's no wonder there are so many skeptics, especially since the issue has become so politicized.  It's also hard for people to be informed when 98 percent of climatologists agree on something and the media paints the picture that it's still up for debate. 

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