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ACORN and the pimp



I bet, if you followed the ACORN "scandal" story at all, that you really think a skinny white kid dressed in an outrageous pimp costume sat down for assistance with an ACORN worker. It didn't happen. Ever. Even the backers of the video now acknowledge this inconvenient truth, their misrepresentations having been discovered. That wasn't all that was misrepresented by the right-wing hit squad out to take down ACORN. The attack "journalists" still haven't released full transcripts of their hidden camera interviews that would put ACORN workers in a much more favorable light.

It was a right-wing putup job, pure and simple, and the so-called liberal  media up to and including the New York Times swallowed it whole. The damage has been done. Minds won't be changed. ACORN has lost its federal funding. But I encourage those with an interest in fairness to take a look.

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