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What if a reporter interviewed a candidate for office by Twitter (140 character limit per Q and A.)

KATV's Scott Inman and Blanche Lincoln are at it.

Limiting a Lincoln answer to 30 words or so? Could be instructive.

UPDATE: Oops. The opener seems to be a stumper. Looooooong delay on answer and then she ran out of space.

INMAN: First off, a timely one, Has the stimulus package offered any "sustainable" economic growth?

LINCOLN: Highway & water projects across the state. Upgraded cafeteria equip for schools. Headed to UAMS after this to see their expanisi

LINCOLN: Also, investments and tax credits for small biz

Shorter answers don't prove to be much more revealing. But they ARE shorter. The Republican-perfected sound bite on a question about another run at a public option health plan fits the format though:

LINCOLN: I remain opposed to any new gov-run, gov-funded plans that would put taxpayers at risk, esp in this economic environment


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