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Why Palin likes Griffin



I'd speculated that it was a Rove-Kristol-Palin connection that produced Sarah Palin's singular endorsement of Rove stormtrooper Tim Griffin for 2nd District Congress at her appearance in North Little Rock this week.

But a smarter person Googled Rove-Griffin-Palin and instantly hit a better clue. It's a thorough resume of Griffin's dark political history and a useful reminder of Griffin's political work in Alaska to defeat Ballot Initiative 4. The initiative was an attempt to protect salmon fisheries from an open pit mine. Polluters won. Sarah Palin sided with the polluters. The linked blogger has some still-relevant questions for our would-be congressman, in addition to all you need to know about what he thinks of the environment.

UPDATE: A spokesman for Griffin said the candidate had never met Palin before Tuesday night. That doesn't answer all the questions about potential shared connections, needless to say.

PS: It might also be time to apply Occam's Razor. Billionaire Warren Stephens is backing Tim Griffin. Sarah P. stayed at his Capital Hotel Tuesday night. Plenty of people say Warren simply asked/commanded/whatever and Sarah delivered in hopes of future dividends.

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