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What's wrong with South Carolina



No local connection, just yuks. A page listing the burgeoning scandals besetting the Republican Party of South Carolina. It's not just about walks on the Appalachian Trail or the uncivil Bro. Joe Wilson. Oh no.

The latest is a delicious scandal involving the Republican candidate for state education supervisor who has confirmed some romantic leaked e-mails to her came from the Republican comptroller, Richard Eckstrom. She's a divorcee. He's married, but separated. He's also a previously noted lech.

In 1997, he acknowledged he stood "awkwardly close" to a female staff member but denied charges by the woman that he tried to kiss and embrace her. The staffer sued Eckstrom, and the state settled the lawsuit for $57,500 in taxpayer money.

And be sure to catch the former Republican state rep. and assistant attorney general caught in a cemetery with a stripper, Viagra and sex toys.


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