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The Palinator cometh



Sarah Palin at Verizon Arena or the dog show finals on TV? I think I'll take the dog show. A Frenchie is in the hunt for Best in Show. Cuter to my way of thinking and far better personality.

But it appears there will be at least a gate near $300,000 from the 300 $500 reception tickets and the 800 $175 dinner tickets. Several thousand general admission tickets ($35-$65 with a markdown this afternoon to $20), reportedly have been sold.

But what of expenses? No official word has been forthcoming. But I've been told you can pencil in $75,000 for Palin's speaking fee and a goodly sum more for her private jet transportation, lodging and other travel incidentals. Then there's the $50,000 facility fee. Then there's the cost of feeding dinner to 800 people. Still room for perhaps $150,000 or more in profit, but that depends on whether what I heard about recent Republican State Executive Committee action in regards a salary supplement for the state chair, Doyle Webb, is true. That payout could eat into the surplus substantially. He's not returned my call.

By the way: Brummett blogged earlier this week that Webb should get the blame for that offensive radio ad (another expense) touting the Palin event, the one with women jealous because their husbands are panting to go see the hottie former governor. For this he gets a $90,000 bonus?

PS -- Ark. Democratic Party has some questions for quitter Gov. Palin.


Little Rock – The Republican Party of Arkansas welcomes Sarah Palin to Arkansas today for a $500-a-ticket fundraiser. So far, she has endorsed and given money to Senate candidates in four other contested primaries, ranging from consummate GOP insider John McCain to Rand Paul in Kentucky, son of Tea Party icon Ron Paul.  Can we expect her to endorse one of the eight Republicans running for U.S. Senate in Arkansas? 

“Sarah Palin has been working overtime to win Tea Party fans nationwide.  Last week, she received a $100,000 fee to address the national Tea Party convention in Nashville.  Her trip to Arkansas affords her the perfect opportunity to endorse Jim Holt, Gilbert Baker, Curtis Coleman, Conrad Reynolds, or Randy Alexander, who are all favored by Arkansas Tea Party members,” said Gabe Holmstrom, Senior Advisor to the Democratic Party of Arkansas.   
Will Palin choose Randy Alexander, her fellow Tea Party activist?
Or Gilbert Baker, the pork barrel spender now courting conservative voters?
Might she endorse John Boozman, the Washington insider who, as with Palin, also likes
Congressman Paul Ryan’s plan to slash Social Security for Arkansas seniors?
Or perpetual gaffe machines, Curtis Coleman and Kim Hendren?
Why not Jim Holt, who has won his party’s nomination for two statewide races?
Or maybe Fred Ramey or Conrad Reynolds, who, like Palin, are political newcomers seeking to shake things up?
“Governor Palin, with so much at stake, who will you choose?  Who in your view is the future leader of the Republican Party of Arkansas?” asked Holmstrom.

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