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The power of incumbency



And, I should add, popularity.

Gov. Mike Beebe's re-election campaign said today that he'd opened fund-raising in January with a bang --  $893,387 for the primary account and $126,300 for the general account.  A bit more than $1 million in all.

This might be a god time to gripe about the secretary of state's office. This report should be on-line for perusal of contributors, but it isn't. I don't fully understand the office policy, but it seems it's keeping a lot of relevant stuff off-line. You can traipse down to the Capitol to see it, but that isn't full and proper access in the Internet age.

A suspicious person would say the office's selective Internet posting policies are a service to incumbent officeholders. The reports should not only be on-line, they should be on-line in a searchable format, such as the FEC provides for federal candidates. Sunshine, however, is bad for politicians and cockroaches.

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