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Keet exploring UPDATE



Former Republican state Sen. Jim Keet has been saying for days he'll run for lieutenant governor if Bill Halter doesn't. So is there any significance to his saying he's formed an exploratory committee? Does he know something about Halter? Or just being careful?

UPDATE: I'm reminded that it's been a while since Keet was in the Senate. Monday, Republican candidate Mark Darr announced endorsements from several current Republican senators.


Rogers, AR: Republican Lieutenant Governor candidate Mark Darr is happy to announce key endorsements from Senator Denny Altes, Senator Gilbert Baker, Senator Michael Lamerouex [sic], Representative Duncan Baird, and Representative Jon Woods.
“I am very happy to have the support of these members of the Republican caucus. They provide great leadership in the party and have worked diligently to bring common sense to Arkansas. They understand and appreciate my willingness to run to increase transparency and they know I will oppose out-of-control government spending and tax increases. “

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