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The latest in the Third


Republican Sen. Cecile Bledsoe's announcement in the 3rd Congressional Disrict. A little more understated than Womack's recent.


State Senator Cecile Bledsoe to seek Third District Congressional Seat

Rogers -- State Senator Cecile Bledsoe (R-Rogers) announced today that
she will be a candidate for Congress in the 3rd Congressional District of Arkansas.  She made the announcement before a crowd of supporters at the Embassy Suites in Rogers.  Bledsoe is a conservative who will focus her campaign on restoring fiscal responsibility through balanced budgets, reducing the tax burden on families and small businesses, securing our borders, and protecting the unborn.

Bledsoe plans on kicking off her campaign in cities throughout the district, beginning in Rogers today and continuing in Fort Smith on Sunday.  Her announcement comes after Congressman John Boozman's decision to run for US Senate.

"After much thought, and after many calls and conversations of encouragement--today, I am announcing that I will be a candidate for US Congress in the Third Congressional district," Bledsoe said

"As Arkansans, we are fortunate to live in a state that has a balanced budget law.  This requires lawmakers to pass a balanced budget every single year.  As a state legislator, I've seen this law work--I've voted for a balanced budget every term I've been in office," Bledsoe said, as she committed to sponsoring a balanced budget amendment to the US Constitution, "Families understand how to balance a budget, and businesses do too.  I think it's about time that our federal government learns to do the same."

Bledsoe also pledged to have public office hours so that constituents can talk to her "face to face," saying "If elected, I will have an open door policy in my office.  Because it’s really not any one person’s office—-it’s your office.  As your Congressman,  I will hold public office hours, both in Washington and at home, so that any constituent can talk to me 'face to face.'"

As a legislator, Bledsoe has sponsored or supported legislation to lower taxes, reform state government, secure the rights of gun owners, get tough on illegal immigration, reduce frivolous lawsuits, and protect the unborn.  She is a life member of the NRA and has received an A rating from the NRA in every term in office.  Bledsoe is pro-life and has received a 100% rating from Arkansas Right to Life.

Cecile Bledsoe currently serves in the Arkansas State Senate, representing part of Benton County.  She previously served three terms in the Arkansas House of Representatives until she was term limited.  She and her husband Dr. Jim Bledsoe live in Rogers.

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