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Speaking of (dating) networking



Some major space devoted in NY Times today to a free on-line dating site, OkCupid, which is relying on statistics crunching for a better match game.

There's an Arkie angle, which appears in a discussion of how photos aren't always the best bait to lure interest.

Mr. Yagan and three other Harvard mathematicians founded OkCupid in 2004. In its fight against much bigger competitors like Match.com, PlentyOfFish and eHarmony, it has tried a number of marketing techniques, often with little success. But the blog, which OkCupid started in October, has helped get the company’s name out on other blogs and social networks. A post last month that set out to debunk conventional wisdom about profile pictures brought more than 750,000 visitors to the site and garnered 10,000 new member sign-ups, according to the company.

For that analysis, the company catalogued the photos on more than 7,000 user profiles and looked at how many responses those users received from others. It found, among other things, that it didn’t matter whether people showed their faces, as long as the photos were intriguing enough to start a conversation.

“If you want worthwhile messages in your in-box, the value of being conversation-worthy, as opposed to merely sexy, cannot be overstated,” wrote Christian Rudder, another OkCupid founder, in the post.

Christian Rudder is the local angle. He's an LR Central grad who some may know for his music. Rock Candy summarized his resume when he was in town in November with his band Bishop Allen.

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