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Grade inflation list: Corrected



The State Education Department has released a corrected list of the 52 high schools -- rather than 58 -- found to have inflated grades. The definition is a school where 20 percent or more of the students with A and B grades failed to score at least proficient on the corresponding end-of-course exams.

Off the list are Gillett, Dierks, Valley Springs, Jacksonville, Lockesburg, Hartford, Watson Chapel and Hoxie. Added to the list are Little Rock Joe T. Robinson and Arkansas High in Texarkana.

This is a list with financial consequences. The new lottery scholarships are harder to obtain for students from schools on the grade inflation list, though some legislators are trying to water down the rule. The students from the 52 high schools currently must have both a 2.5 GPA and a 19 ACT score to qualify for lottery money. Students from other schools must only meet one standard or the other.

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