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Welfare check dispute



An interesting story in the Batesville Guard Monday, unfortunately behind a subscription wall.

It concerns the application by District Judge Chaney Taylor, a former Republican state representative, for Social Security Income checks for each of his year-old triplets. The article said Taylor's application was denied on account of family income (he makes $121,816 as a judge, has a $235,000 home in Batesville and another house worth $116,950 and $44,850 in other holdings, according to the paper.)

Taylor contends the children have ongoing medical needs and that eligibility for SSI checks should be determined by the children's income, not the parents' under the federal  Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act. He's appealing the rejection as arbitrary. The Taylors' doctor, according to the Guard, said the children had "significant gastroesophageal reflux issues, swallowing disorder and slow growth" and "diffuse developmental delays" and will require, among others, "speech and developmental therapies, to provide for appropriate growth and development."

The article mentioned that Taylor once fired a court employee who asked for additional time to stay home with her son after he was injured in a rodeo accident, fell into a coma and spent weeks in the hospital. She stayed off work beyond the minimum allowed under the Family Medical Leave Act. Taylor contended the employee had said she'd return to work after her son returned to school, but didn't do so

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