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Morning musings



1) My last words on last night's vibrant open line on chili dogs (inspired by Doug Smith's chili dog search in this week's Best Restaurants cover story): No beans in the chili. Yes, definitely, slaw.

2) Re the tepid D-G review (sub. reqd.) of Sims BBQ in this morning's paper. Some people LIKE the thin, mustardy, vinegary nonpareil Sims sauce. Including me. And anybody who's spent any time at Sims knows that to get the thicker sauce in the red squeeze bottles, you ask for the hot sauce. It IS hot.

3) More seriously: How in the world can Judge Brian Miller release North Little Rock School District from desegregation supervision? (sub. reqd.) Too many problems -- along with damning statistics on achievement, discipline, assignments -- to be explained away as the product of disgruntled employees.

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