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Whither Halter UPDATE



Within 24 hours, a Republican political operative and a trial lawyer have relayed supposedly solid information that Lt. Gov. Bill Halter will challenge U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln in the Democratic primary.

I don't know what to think of these rumors or the political prospects for Halter if they are true. I know anything that made Lincoln vote more like a Democrat would be welcome.

UPDATE: I apologize for fractured syntax. I see Jason Tolbert has tweeted that this note is about a rumored announcement in 24 hours. What I tried to say was that I'd heard this rumor from two separate sources in the last 24 hours. No more or less. And, again, I can provide no assurance of the accuracy of this.

UPDATE II: Daily Kos founder says Lincoln's vote against Obama NLRB appointee guarantees a primary challenge and says Halter will enter the race next week.

Says Halter spokesman Bud Jackson: "Nothing has changed.  The lieutenant governor continues to focus on his re-election while also considering the available options to best serve Arkansans."

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