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Lincoln will do anything



Hey, Repubs, got a wish list? You don't need to elect your own senator. Just demand that U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln vote your way and she will promptly comply -- as today when she joined the successful filibuster of President Obama's appointee to the NLRB.

Soon to follow will be the Repubican campaign apparatus' chortling news releases about the chickenbleep senator from Arkansas who says one thing one day and does one thing another. The vote was 52-33, with Lincoln and Ben Nelson voting to block the nomination.

I'd say any residual labor support for Lincoln is over. Not that labor matters much, particularly in Arkansas. But will they talk Bill Halter into the race? That's the one lingering question. The unions don't have that kind of money alone. And you have to ask what Halter's political position would be for a general election if he ran as a pro-union, pro-health care, fair-tax for the rich alternative to the corporate party's senator. Nice as that would be to contemplate.

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