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Causey announces in 1st


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Why not. Not much to be happening in Ark. today. Democrat Chad Causey announces to succeed his former boss, Rep. Marion Berry.


Hearing anger over Wall Street’s wants trumping Main Street’s needs, Causey promises to keep listening and to put Arkansans’s needs first
JONESBORO, ARKANSAS—Chad Causey, a Jonesboro native and Democrat, announced Tuesday his campaign to represent Arkansas’s First Congressional District.  His announcement comes at the beginning of what will be a district-wide listening tour to meet with voters from across the area.
For the past decade, Causey has worked with Congressman Marion Berry and most recently served as his Chief of Staff.  He worked tirelessly in all 26 counties and is familiar with every community in the congressional district.  Causey has met with farmers and families, seniors and small business owners to learn, first hand, what they need and how to create more job opportunities in local communities.
“I’ve been meeting with voters from across the district, and I’m hearing what they have to say:  ‘we need jobs,’ ‘fix our economy,’ and ‘put our needs first,’” Causey said.  “We face some big challenges, and while I don’t pretend to have all the answers, I do promise that no one will listen longer, no one will work harder, and no one will take this responsibility more serious than I will.”
Growing up in Eastern Arkansas, he quickly learned the values, never-ending work ethic, and financial common sense that define this area and made them his own.  Causey said his priorities will be to focus on reigning in booming government spending, promoting job growth to get hard-working Arkansans back to work and ensuring that farmers, students, veterans, and senior citizens are not forgotten by Washington.
“I understand the hardships that people are going through today.  My mother worked multiple jobs to provide for me and my brothers, and I grew up bagging groceries to help make ends meet,” Causey said.  “People today are experiencing these same hardships; they’re concerned about jobs and their kids education, they’re angry that Wall Street’s wants are trumping Main Street’s needs.  I hear them, and I promise that I’ll keep listening and put their needs first.”
Causey was born and raised in Jonesboro.  He graduated from Jonesboro High School, where his mother, Gussi Causey, is a guidance counselor.  He earned a law degree from Catholic University of America at night, while working full time.  Causey, a Methodist, is engaged to fiancé, Meredith McNeil, a native of Newport.


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