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And still speaking of Blanche Lincoln:

Her name has been taken in vain at the Tea Party convention in Nashville (an event some have depicted as a moneymaking gimnick for the organizer):

Organizers of the convention announced on Friday that they were forming a political action committee to raise money and provide political consulting and campaign management for Tea Party-approved candidates. The PAC, an offshoot of a newly incorporated 501c4 called Ensuring Liberty, will seek to raise $10 million this year to spend in races in the 2010 Congressional elections.

To start, it will back conservative challengers in five races in the South. In the most highly visible, organizers want to run a candidate against Senator Blanche Lincoln, an Arkansas Democrat who has been under fire for her votes on health care legislation. In the coming weeks, organizers said they would identify another 15 or so races for Tea Party-backed challengers.

This could end up meaning nothing. Or a lot. It also raises questions. Do the teabaggers identify a candidate during the Republican primary and become a force on the nominee selection? Or will they merely be a Republican Party adjunct to support whoever gets the nomination? I can think of nine or so people who'd like to know.


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