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John Boozman formally announced his entry into the U.S. Senate race this morning. We may have some film on that later. His entry narrowed the Republican field. Another one of the lesser lights, Buddy Rogers, dropped out because he said the field now has a candidate with sufficient experience, etc.

The expected news naturally opens up the race for Third District Congress to replace Boozman. Democrat David Whitaker issued a statement saying the time is now right to end "business as usual" in Washington. A friend of Cecile Bledsoe, the Rogers state senator, said the Republican's announcement will come next weekend. Rogers Mayor Steve Womack, also a Republican and famous as the king of corporate welfare handouts and banging on immigrants, will get into the race Monday.

For a touch of irony, Republican Sen. Gilbert Baker, a candidate for U.S. Senate, welcomes Boozman's entry to his race with the same catch phrase Whitaker used to bid farewell to Boozman -- Baker vows to fight "Washington as usual" politics. In case you missed the point, Boozman has been in the big fat middle of accelerating deficits and partisan gridlock. Republican Curtis Coleman also says somebody from Washington isn't the place to look for "new ideas and solutions."

Boozman, by the way, said he didn't like what was happening in D.C. either, at least so far as the "Obama-Pelosi-Reid" agenda were concerned. But he DOES like agri subsidies, to judge by his newly announced campaign official Stanley Reed, Jim Lindsey's man in the Delta and himself a Senate candidate once for a few days.

Baker's new "no more bailouts" ad is, of course, a direct shot at Boozman. Lincoln response on jump.


Senator Lincoln continues her work as Chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee and as an independent voice in Washington standing up for the people of Arkansas. She looks forward to the fall campaign when Arkansas voters will have the opportunity to compare her strong record of accomplishment for the state against the future prospects of the Republican nominee.” – Lincoln campaign spokesperson, Katie Laning Niebaum


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