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The corporatized 1st Amendment



Talking Points Memo rounds up expert opinion that tends to think the terrible reversal of precedent by legislating right-wing justices on the U.S. Supreme Court won't much affect national politics because they are already awash in corporate cash.

Some truth there, obviously.

But .... don't forget the newly legalized influence of foreign dollars.

And don't forget the door now opened to unfettered corporate influence at the grassroots level, from city councils to state legislatures, when the time and circumstances are right to drop a money bomb on a non-corporatized candidate.

ALSO: When a right-wing nutjob parrots Rush or one of the other cranks about Obama's "unprecedented" criticism of the Supreme Court, whip out this reminder of SOTU criticism of the Supreme Court by Reagan and Bush, among others. We've seen this pattern before. The loonies' history begins with Clinton or Obama.

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