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A split on campaign cash



Smart move by Sen. Gilbert Baker and Kim Hendren to say they won't accept U.S. senatorial campaign contributions during the coming legislative session. Sen. Joyce Elliott and House Speaker Robbie Wills say they will. Wills said he had "no choice."

Of course he did.

Wills, at least, is a lame duck and, in theory, the fiscal session will be a tightly scripted bit of financial housekeeping with an unforgiving budget. In theory. Appearances still do count, however.

Better ones to watch are the dozens of legislators who'll be raking in lobby cash as they look forward to paying back their benefactors in committee meetings throughout 2010 and then again in January 2011. If all goes according to custom, most will rake in loot and be unopposed.

Please look out for handy noontime lobbyist attended fund-raisers at Capitol Hill area meeting rooms for the needy and greedy during the "fiscal session."


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