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Brummett isn't alarmed by the breathtaking U.S. Supreme Court trashing of precedent in giving corporations the hammer over political speech in America, courtesy of shareholders' money in the case of publicly held companies.

He's wrong, of course, but particularly because he seems to be viewing this mostly through a national lens, as if the voters will have ample information to see through massive disinformation campaigns. It's really more instructive to look at this through the coming corporate trashing of city council members who stand up against a local permit for giant corporation; it's better to look at the record -- the purchase of the Texas appellate courts by enemies of public interest. You simply can't contemplate the damage large and small that can and will be done. Sure, every once in a blue moon, some Soros or other money might do the same for a progressive cause, but that doesn't make it right or balance the scale.

GOOD TIMING: Justice Samuel Alito sharply illustrated the fundamentally political nature of the court right wing's ruling last night with his Joe Wilson moment at the State of the Union. The unblinking camera caught him.

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