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Lincoln's news: Campaign cash



U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln's big news appears to be up on her webpage before her promised Twitter.

Nonetheless, it is indeed about money. She raised more than $1 million in the fourth quarter, for a total of more than $7 million for the campaign cycle and she has more than $5 million on hand.

To which I say: Big effing deal. If you're not spending money effectively you might as well stick it in a pipe and smoke it. And she's not spending it effectively. She should have been on TV long ago with image ads, a la Mark Pryor's last campaign.

Sen. Lincoln: Get your shotgun. Bloody some ducks with your boys. Hoist those dead mallards high. Got any film of you field-stripping a deer? Haul it out. Or how about passing out stickers at a Razorback game? Get it up on the screen. Got a pickup back at the lake house? Put your dogs in the back and start driving it around, tossing an empty drink can back in the bed now and then. (Diet Coke, of course.) Have you done anything simple and good for Arkansas people -- besides Warren Stephens, Bill Dillard and John Ed Anthony, that is? Remind me on TV. Or in a newspaper. Or on the web at targeted audiences. Twittering to your small fan base ain't enough.

UPDATE: Coincidentally -- right -- the Arkansas Farm Bureau today praised Lincoln for joining with Republicans to oppose clean air legislation.


Arkansas Farm Bureau supports Sen. Blanche Lincoln’s effort to restrict the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gases. Last week the senator from Arkansas, who is chairwoman of the Senate Ag Committee, created a bipartisan effort when she joined Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski’s call to stop the EPA from using the Clean Air Act as a tool for greenhouse gas regulation.  
“Arkansas Farm Bureau is pleased that Sen. Lincoln is joining Sen. Murkowski in this effort,” said Arkansas Farm Bureau President Randy Veach. “It speaks volumes that the chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee is concerned enough to create a bipartisan effort to stop unneeded federal regulation that would make it more difficult and costly for farmers and ranchers to continue providing affordable food to Americans and the rest of the world.”
Last week, Lincoln said she was very concerned about the burden that EPA regulation of carbon could put on the economy and questioned the environmental benefit of such heavy-handed EPA regulation.
Lincoln offers an alternative to regulation.
“We can make immediate gains to reduce carbon emissions by sending the President bipartisan clean energy legislation produced by the Senate Energy Committee,” Lincoln said. “This legislation, coupled with energy tax incentives, will reduce our dependence on foreign oil and incentivize renewable energy, all while improving the environment and creating much-needed jobs.”  
Arkansas Farm Bureau is a nonprofit, private advocacy organization of more than 220,000 families throughout the state working to improve farm and rural life.

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