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Beebe: The thumbs have it



A variety of reporters with Blackberries, etc., are Tweeting Gov. Mike Beebe's appearance before the Political Animal Club. To get full effect, it's best to follow them all and see their posts together to compare and contrast.

Among them: John Brummett from Stephens; Channel 4's Cecilea Pond-Mayo; and, as ever, the Tolbert Report.

He's running for governor, period. He doesn't like the flat tax. The state has added almost as many higher paying jobs as it's lost.

I'm a little confused by competing posts that say partisanship is a bad thing in Washington. One says term limits have helped avoid that in a two-party state. Surely he doesn't mean Arkansas.

UPDATE: A reader who was there explains.

Beebe was asked about the positives and negatives of being more of a two-0party state.  He said the negative is what you see in DC with harsh partisanship and he did not want that to happen here.  He said that term limits have helped to accommodate more of a two-party make-up of the system in Arkansas.  Not really a response to the same question, he was just asked about whether term limits helped more minority party (R) candidates win office

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