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Speaking of U.S. Senate



I heard from a Democratic operative Wednesday night that U.S. Rep. John Boozman was considering a bid for U.S. Senate. I mentioned that here early yesterday morning. Several hours later came a call from someone who has worked for Boozman who said flatly it would not happen. I amended the rumor to reflect that.

So much for my source (who now says things changed after we talked yesterday). Boozman is considering the race. My e-mail this morning was littered with late-night notes from Republicans and a link to GOP blogging machine Jason Tolbert that said the Boozman mulling was on.

It would be a game changer in the Republican primary, no doubt about that. But not necesssarily on a statewide level. His profile outside the Third District is decidedly low. The race is less about the GOP candidate, more about the incumbent Blanche Lincoln. He's a far better candidate, though, than a Jim Holt, whose extremism is seemingly Lincoln's only hope barring a sea change in issues and attitudes.

SPEAKING OF CONGRESS: Add David Boling, U.S. Rep. Vic Snyder's chief of staff, to those thinking about running to succeed Snyder. He's a Pine Bluff native and former Little Rock lawyer. So far, only Sen. Joyce Elliott is in the race for sure. She's an early favorite to get my vote -- for precisely the reason that she probably can't win. It takes a wild dreamer to think this district is going to elect a courageously liberal black woman, this year of all years. But dreams are cheap. Unfortunately, money is another matter. At this point, House Speaker Robbie Wills and Lt. Gov. Bill Halter seem likeliest among other potential candidates to actually pull the ripcord.

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