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LRSD planning advances



The Little Rock School District's strategic planning commission -- a community-wide group -- has unanimously adopted consultants' plan for improving the school district. Community discussions will follow before School Board consideration in March.

The report acknowledges the district's many shortcomings and sets out specific goals, beginning with powerful leadership, to make changes. Given the commission's leadership -- Jim Argue and Terence Bolden -- and any number of well-meaning and well-versed participants including some of the district's most candid critics (John Walker, Board member Baker Kurrus), I believe them when they say tools are here to progress. It could be -- could be -- a path to leaner administration, more money in the classroom, better teachers, less acceptance of the status quo.

Those who tear it apart  before it's been given a chance to work have their own agenda and that agenda does not include much concern about what happens to the Little Rock School District.

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