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Draft Bill Halter ...



... for U.S. Senate. So urges this website. Here's the background of the Accountability Now PAC that's behind it.

Out of these recent lessons, diverse and politically powerful groups have decided to support Accountability Now’s efforts, such as MoveOn, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), DailyKos, ColorOfChange.org, Democracy for America, 21st Century Democrats and BlogPAC. Accountability Now PAC will recruit, coordinate, and support primary challenges against vulnerable Congressional incumbents who have become more responsive to corporate America than to their constituents.

Much speculation in the political class, some of whom I chatted with last night, about what Halter will do, though the thinking currently is that it's definitely Congress or Senate, not re-election. Which opens the flood gates on the lt. gov. race, certain to include such new arrivals as Dem Shane Broadway and Republican Jim Keet, along with others.

But what, really, to do about Sen. Blanche Lincoln. Will she ever go on TV? Is her candidacy salvageable? Will Rep. Mike Ross respond to entreaties to run for Senate? What about Republican Rep. John Boozman, reportedly mulling a move up? (UPDATE: A reliable Republican says you can forget this one.)

Gov. Mike Beebe could walk away with the Senate race, opening a stampede for the governor's office. But he won't, no matter how good the golf courses are in the D.C area. And, truth is, I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable with anybody else in charge in these difficult times, particularly with Republicans poised to make some big gains in the legislature.

Interesting -- and often depressing -- times.

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