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Sometimes, it's just impossible not to like Gov. Mike Beebe.

Once was this morning, when he was comfortably hoo-rawing with radio's Tommy Smith about Haitian relief and and other matters less important, including laughing at outtakes of his karaoke performance on his sendup of "Amarillo by Morning," redone as "Little Rock by Morning."

And just now was his unsurprising announcement that he'll be running for re-election. No fuss. And what else is there, really, to say for someone currently without opposition and none of any substance in the offing?

Later we'll talk about DHS, his new education director's latest, etc.

GOP chair Doyle Webb issued a statement later:

“There are many issues facing Arkansans today and we anticipate a vigorous campaign to address such concerns as job creation, taxes and spending priorities.  We are confident the Republican Party of Arkansas will produce a conservative candidate dedicated to addressing these issues along with numerous others."


Mike Beebe said today he is seeking a second term as Governor to complete the work begun during his first term in the state’s top office.  In an online message to supporters, Beebe said he is in the early stages of organizing a campaign.
“Four years ago, I asked you to ‘Believe in Arkansas.’   As I prepare to run for a second term as Governor, I’m asking you to continue believing in the bright potential of our shared future,” Beebe said in his e-mail.  “We must continue our work. We must look to the future, never losing sight of our ultimate goal: making Arkansas a better place to live and work for all of our people.”
The Beebe campaign will offer more details on the campaign in the weeks to come.

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