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That kind of election



Republican blogger Jason Tolbert talks to a national Republican operator about the field of Democrats shaping up to run for 2nd District Congress now that Vic Snyder is out. Says regional press secretary Andy Sere:

Looking at the five names you mentioned as most likely to run, there’s not a single person whose values match those of central Arkansans’,” said Sere. “Bill Halter is a limousine (ultra-)liberal who is widely known as the most shamelessly opportunistic person in Arkansas; Robbie Wills is the consummate backroom pol who would bring a host of ethical issues to the race; Shane Broadway never met a tax hike he didn’t like; Joyce Elliott could be intriguing as the only female in the field, but she’s nearly as left-wing as Halter; and Paul Suskie has been feeding from the government trough his whole life, having never once held a job in the private sector (and he’ll face serious questions about some of his actions in the public sector). Their field is unsurprisingly deep when it comes to quantity, but it’s exceedingly shallow in regards to quality.”

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