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Four-star 2nd District speculation



Roby Brock says retired Gen. Wesley Clark (I shorted him two stars in originally calling him a major general) is considering a run for Second District Congress.

He's a smart, tough Democrat. You want to feel secure about a battle-tested candidate in uncertain times? Hard to top his resume.

UPDATE: Also, Lt. Gov. Bill Halter has emerged with a statement from go-between Bud Jackson. If I'm wrong about this, I'm confident Bud will correct me shortly, but I think you can read this statement as saying he's considering a race, too.

I have received many telephone calls from Arkansans offering me encouragement and support since Congressman Vic Snyder announced he would not seek re-election.  I am grateful, I am listening and I am now seriously considering all options.  These considerations center on where to best fight for better jobs and greater opportunities for Arkansans.

Let us be honest. You can fight all you want as lieutenant governor, but opportunities to achieve much are limited, the Father of the Lottery's great gambling venture notwithstanding.

Add to Joyce Elliott (in) and at least Robbie Wills and Will Bond (considering) and probably others and the Dem primary looks lively. I still think more Republicans will run. How about a Draft Bud Cummins Facebook page?

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