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Snyder: The morning after



Roby Brock rounds up some speculation in the slipstream of U.S. Rep. Vic Snyder's surprise retirement announcement.

If times are so bad for Democrats, why are so many potential candidates being discussed? And what happens if some current officeholders change re-election plans?

Roby figures that, despite many Republicans who might be interested, the GOP field for Second District won't grow because Tim Griffin has national GOP support and early money. Yeah, that worked for Gilbert Baker in keeping people out of that GOP Senate primary.

Brummett offers analysis.

Today we tell a story advancing the idea that Arkansawyers despise health reform, love their medical care, can’t stand Barack Obama and will punish any Democratic officeholder going along with this president and this health reform.

He, like I, accepts Vic Snyder at face value that family considerations drove his retirement. Snyder has never much engaged in word games. He adds:

But things are never altogether simple. It’s conceivable that triplets might become a tad harder to handle when you’re down in the polls by 20 points.

Nationally, Snyder is mentioned in NY Times about Democrats growing panicky over the health care fallout.

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